Pillar 4

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Pillar 4 during daytime

Pillar 4 contains three ciphers: at the top, a grid of "constellations" of dots joined by lines; a long string of letters winding around the pole; and the ubiquitous numbers around the base. Between the constellation grid and string of letters is an octagonal section in the pillar.

Constellation grid

Example of "constellation" writing

The top cipher is a grid of non-alphanumeric glyphs that resemble constellations.

To be transcribed (after a method is identified) and photos compiled. See the image gallery in the interim.


The pillar contains an octagonal section above a long string of letters written vertically in a long strip. At either end of the long strip, dividing lines create three separated sections. In the transcription, these are represented with a space.



A series of numbers run around the base of Pillar 4:

10 10 9 12 11 13 15 17 28 3017 18 11 12 8 10 14 15 22 24 12 13 11 12 7 10 8 11 14 17