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Pillar 01-Night01.jpg

Pillar 01 is the "Title Pillar".

It contains an alphabetic cipher text at the top (Unsolved at the moment), a labrinthine cipher (Solved), the sculpture's title "NKRYPT" and a series of numbers around the bottom which probably form part of a cipher (Unsolved).

Pillar 1 is 2569mm tall, and is the tallest of the eight pillars.

Top Cipher

Large view of the cipher at the top of Pillar 1

The top cipher is very high and difficult to read (unless you are very tall). It consists of a grid of 10 rows and 26 columns wrapping around the entire pillar.

The cipher text reads











The letters 'P', 'V', and 'L' are in a larger font size.

The current best decryption is:

Bottom cipher - Solved

Large view of the text in the middle of Pillar 1

The bottom cipher is at eye height. It contains letters in a grid of 5 rows and 26 columns. It contains what appear to be plain text words. A glyph containing an oscilating line and a dissected triangle points into one column of letters.

The cipher text reads:






A solution posted by Glenn McIntosh on the nkrypt Facebook page on 20 February 2013

A labyrinth stands before you

and is but one of eight

mark all the twists and turns

for patterns they create

that one by one step through

the enigmas that await


A string of numbers run in a circular pattern around the base of each pillar (see notes on the base code). On this pillar, it reads:

10 12 11 12 11 11 14 17 30 30 16 18 11 12 10 10 10 14 19 24 12 12 12 13 7 9 8 11 14 14