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(What is NKRYPT?)
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[[Informational Plaque]]
[[Informational Plaque]]
[[Pillar 1|Pillar 1: Title]]
[[Pillar 1|Pillar 1: Title and Labyrinth]]
[[Pillar 2|Pillar 2: Cogs]]
[[Pillar 2|Pillar 2: Pigpen and Cogs]]
[[Pillar 3|Pillar 3: Hex-stars]]
[[Pillar 3|Pillar 3: DNA Bases and Hex-stars]]
[[Pillar 4|Pillar 4: Scytale]]
[[Pillar 4|Pillar 4: Semaphore and Scytale]]
[[Pillar 5|Pillar 5: Squircles]]
[[Pillar 5|Pillar 5: Squircles and Helix]]
[[Pillar 6|Pillar 6: Enigma]]
[[Pillar 6|Pillar 6: Binary and Enigma]]
[[Pillar 7|Pillar 7: Caesar]]
[[Pillar 7|Pillar 7: Coordinates and Caesar]]
[[Pillar 8|Pillar 8: Bubbles]]
[[Pillar 8|Pillar 8: Braille and Polyalphabetic]]
[[NKRYPT Tweet]]
[[NKRYPT Tweet]]

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What is NKRYPT?

Panorama of site with added coloured pillar numbers.

NKRYPT is an encryption-centric sculpture installed adjacent to Questacon (the Australian National Science and Technology Centre) in Canberra, Australia. The sculpture is comprised of eight stainless steel pillars with letters, numbers and glyphs laser-cut into them. The pillars are illuminated from within by LED lighting. NKRPYT was officially opened by Senator Kate Lundy on 4 March 2013.

NKRYPT presents a challenge to the reader to decode each of the pillars and claim a prize if a particular Canberra Centenary code is decrypted before 31 December 2013. Further information is provided at the Questacon NKRYPT page.

On the opening day, Senator Lundy tweeted an encrypted message which forms part of the engagement with the sculpture.

Sculpture Elements

Map of the pillars on site. Based on Matthew Bieniek's map on the Nkrypt Facebook page

Informational Plaque

Pillar 1: Title and Labyrinth

Pillar 2: Pigpen and Cogs

Pillar 3: DNA Bases and Hex-stars

Pillar 4: Semaphore and Scytale

Pillar 5: Squircles and Helix

Pillar 6: Binary and Enigma

Pillar 7: Coordinates and Caesar

Pillar 8: Braille and Polyalphabetic



I have captured approximately 750 photos of various aspects of the sculpture. These are accessible online at this Dropbox gallery. The total archive size is approximately 220mb.

What is dkrypt.org?

This is a website established to store information about the sculpture, and facilitate the decryption by other enthusiasts regardless of their ability to travel to Canberra, Australia. I am not related to the construction or operation of NKRYPT or Questacon. Want to supply input (images, information, solutions or background)? Email me at dkrypt@dkrypt.org